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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Attend Intrapreneurship Conference in London


Intrapreneurship, is that corporates trying to innovate like startups? Is that establishing an entrepreneurial culture? Or is is a name for what those few entrepreneurial corporate folks do inside big organizations?

We think it's all of the above . Moreover, it's relevant for any organization, regardless of size or sector, industry or history. Like Gary Stewart, director of Wayra, puts it – everyone is trying to be the next Apple, not the next Kodak.

But how do you do that?

Industry leading organizations like Philips, Ernst & Young, Deutsche Telekom, Airbus, Vodafone, Oracle, BBVA, Heineken, BNP Paribas, Grundfos, Accenture, Boehringer Ingelheim and Alcatel-Lucent have attended the Intrapreneurship Conference to get the best and next practicies for implementing and leveraging intrapreneurship.

Join them and many other peers for 2,5 days of learning and networking (27 – 29 May), in the vibrant city of London.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Celebrating the National Tour Association’s Visit to New Orleans with Private Dining at Huck Finn's Restaurant

Read below or click here:

Last month, the National Tour Association hosted their annual Travel Exchange convention in the Crescent City. The convention proved to be a week full of fun in welcoming travel professionals throughout the country to our home town of New Orleans!

To kick things off, we wanted to welcome the NTA team with something special, so we put together a private dining event featuring a passed taster menu of Boudin Balls, Gumbo, Gator Bites, Jambalaya, Etouffee, and Mini po-boys, along with a New Orleans jazz band, and a private haunted walking tour from our friends at New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours, complete with thermoses and hand warmers to make sure everyone was warm. Our friends at Audubon Limousine then provided chauffeured service back to the restaurant after the tour.

It was a night chock-full of fun and one that our team will certainly never forget.

Many, many thanks to everyone at NTA for coming out to see us and for the heartfelt card we received today from their team.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Benchmark for Social Intrapreneurs

The latest article from Susan Foley, President of Corporate Entrepreneurs.

Opening excerpt:
As the demand for social intrapreneurs increases organizations will be faced with identifying the right individuals for this position. It takes a unique combination of competencies to be effective and successful in this role.

It’s not just about what they do but who they are and how they behave that distinguish them from more traditional business leaders. There is spark inside them that is at the very core of who they are. They are excited about doing meaningful work. It’s what drives them, keeps them engaged and what attracts other people to them. They are authentic, resilient, empathic, savvy and self-aware.

How will you find the social intrapreneurs in your organization?

To read the rest of Susan's article, click here.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Intrapreneurship Conference 2015 in London

The Intrapreneurship Conference 2015 – London Edition will take place May 27-29th.

Be sure to already save the date. We aim to safeguard the intimate and focused nature of the conference, enabling attendees to really connect and authentically share about their challenges and results, so we will keep the number of seats low. Early bird tickets will be available soon at a very special rate.

For the London Edition, a number of partners have already confirmed to contribute and be your speakers and workshop leaders. Stay tuned for news on that. Should you want to present your intrapreneurship case, please feel free to pitch your idea to us.

Results of the 2014 Intrapreneurship Conference

Conference website:

Here's what people are saying about last year's 2014 Intrapreneurship Conference

“High quality speakers, international audience, relaxed organization and good location.”

“Great Speakers. Breakout Workshops were good & all sessions were kept to 90 mins which is great for the attention span!”

“Small enough to get to know most attendees. Great level of interaction. Well organized.”

“Liked the location and venue. Liked the collaborative nature and openness.”

We’re happy to report the 100 participants were very satisfied with the learning and networking experience provided. You can have a taste of what it was like via this Storify link, where you can find presentations, pictures, tweets and videos from the event.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Letter from Susan Foley and Corporate Entrepreneurs

A new group of leaders is emerging in large organizations that are redefining what it means to create lasting value for society while still making money for their organizations.

They are the social innovators, social responsibility and sustainability executives forging a new path, changing the way we think about business. So it is not surprising that called the social intrapreneur, "2014's most valuable employee".

Over the last several month's I was fortunate enough to get to know social innovators from around the world. What an extraordinary group of individuals. All living their passion, striving to make a better world, changing the way their organizations do business and building products that benefit society.

Together we explored what it takes to be a social innovator in established organizations. We looked at how these individuals were different from their counterpart, corporate entrepreneurs and regular executives. How culture and context impacted what they did and how they did it.

We documented our findings in the research report, The Social Intrapreneur's DNA. It has given us a deeper and richer understanding of who these individuals are, how they are different and what it takes to be successful. You can download the research report for free at

In most organizations these individuals are a hidden capability. It is our goal to help you unlock and leverage these untapped forces to drive innovation, engagement and business performance.

We invite you to download your free copy of The Social Intrapreneur's DNA - Research Report 2014 via this link. . If you have any questions about the research and how we can help you identify and develop your social innovators, just reply to this email or call me at 781-662-9513.

Susan Foley,
Managing Partner
Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC

"Activating Entrepreneurs from Within"